Hi there, welcome to my personal blog!

I'm Detha Prastyphylia, an avid writer with a passion for visually appealing aesthetic pleasures.  I go by the name 'plasticdeath' as my pseudonym on the world wide web most of the times.

Currently I'm enrolled as an undergraduate student in Department of Communication in University of Airlangga Surabaya, majoring in media studies. I'm in my final year and expecting to graduate soon on 2018.

I enjoy being a graphic designer, a social media manager, and a copywriter — both for fun and for professional purposes. You can check out my professional slash portfolio page here or check my LinkedIn profile here.

Another interests of mine include social studies (especially communication & media studies) and social issues, photography, videography, poetry, beauty (makeup and skincare), gaming, and tech (with an inclination towards customer-oriented technologies & industries alike, such as mobile devices, PCs, etc.).

I'm actively engaged with Indonesian beauty community through my beauty blog, The Indonesian Skin. I'm also a keen LinkedIn user and a founder of #LinkedInSurabaya community.

Let's hang!

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