Hi there, welcome to my personal blog!

I'm Detha Prastyphylia, an avid academician with a passion for visually appealing aesthetic pleasures.  I go by the name 'plasticdeath' as my pseudonym on the world wide web most of the times.

Currently, I'm a full-time teacher for Media Studies in AS/A-Level.

I’m all geared-up for everything graphic design, social media managing, blogging, content writing/marketing, and copywriting. You can check out my LinkedIn profile here.

Another interests of mine include social studies (especially communication & media studies) and social issues, photography, videography, poetry, beauty (makeup and skincare), gaming, and tech (with an inclination towards customer-oriented technologies & industries alike, such as mobile devices, PCs, etc.).

I'm actively engaged with Indonesian beauty community through my beauty blog, The Indonesian Skin. I write the most passionately related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and have had years of experience writing about those topics in personal projects e.g. my blog, and in professional/paid projects e.g. endorsements, sponsored reviews, getting invited to events, etc.

Utilizing my proficiency in both Indonesian (Native language) and English language (TOEFL ITP Score 643) and my copywriting ability, I could help you leverage content/storytelling marketing to increase both your brand image and awareness online.

Let's hang and/or collaborate!

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