Animation Film as a Property for Disseminating Ideas Limitlessly

12:22 PM

Among many other types of film, animation film is quite a unique one. According to Paul Wells, animation film is an epitome of craftsmanship; it is made by hand from scratch, frame-to-frame.

The purpose of animation film is to give some sort of illusion of movements without the usage of conventional film-making tools like camera, thus making the figures in the film look like as if they're moving and talking.

Film itself could form the understanding of reality of its audience, due to the fact that in film reality is constructed and represented in such a way and the fact that film is a mass media; as a mass media, it has the power to construct reality.

Constructing, representing, and articulating reality are all done by utilizing signs and symbols — it's also no exception with film.

In animation film, the signs and symbols available to be utilized are practically limitless, since it's handmade and made from scratch. With other types of film, filmmakers have to make use of the reality already available — complete alterations of reality is technically impossible.

Animation filmmakers? Well, they have it easier in this aspect. They don't have to face the same problem since theh could construct their own reality, entirely.

This distinct characteristic of animation film then gives the filmmakers (from directors to animators) an unprecedented freedom and full control of what they want to show onscreen to the audience.



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