The Story Behind My Short Hair

10:26 PM

Drastic? I think so.

Breaking news!
Well, if you've been following me on my social medias then this isn't even a breaking news...

If you haven't!
Then breaking news it is!


Like, real short.
Super short.
Pixie hair short.
Undercut in barbershop short.

Why, you ask?
And how?
Well, let's take a look back...

Just a month ago, I used to have a barely-longer shoulder-length hair, probably it'd pass as a lob (the acronym for long bob) (I think?). For as long as I could remember well over primary school, I've never taken any risks in my hairstyles (except hair color, which I love to experiment with once in a while). My hair used to revolve around the "safe" styles: long shaggy, long layered, bob, lob, or this-hairstyle-I-can't-name-because-the-last-time-I-went-to-salon-was-when-I-finished-high-school improvisation, DIY haircut — with side or front bangs, some twist of shaved inner-back side to make it less frizzy, etc.

Here are the revolution of my hair (through my Instagram page, in a chronological order):

Pretty basic, huh? Well, except the blond hair color. I could say that I got people's eyes all over me every single time I was seen in public. Heh. A bold move from someone who hates the spotlight, huh? And I ruined my hair due to the extensive bleaching dear God... thrice of bleaching process! Whose hair wouldn't get whacked and stretchy? That was nasty, but it's for another story (hey that rhymes).

Since I like to experiment with my hair color so much, it got really damaged. Like, so damaged there's no turning back type of damaged. My mom scolded me because I basically ruined my hair cuticles. And she was right... 😓

Time after time, I was slowly getting too lazy to style my hair because I needed to flat-iron it every morning and it took up too much of my time, I slathered hair mask every time I wash my hair yet it was still frizzy and unruly, and it would go crazy in the middle of the day when I was out and about. Bad hair day was my day to day life. Basically. I just got to tired of my hair and I was frustrated.

So one day, I just had a random thought which is to cut my hair super short. I consulted it with Alf and my mom, and they both told me to do it. I started looking for references to see which type of short hairstyle would suit me and my face structure the best. All I could think while I was on the journey to short hair was, "it's getting real," and feeling so nervous because I haven't drastically changed my hairstyle since forever... I could only remember cutting my hair super short when I was a 3rd grader (which is more than 10 years ago).

Of course there was this fear of post-haircut dissatisfaction people would potentially feel after cutting their hair at a salon; whether it's the wrong kind of hairstyle, the hairstylist fails to understand what the customer want, the wrong technique being used, the hairstyle turning out bad on the customer... just the horrible things that could possibly ruin someone's appearance fatally.

But oh well, I'm a "fuck it" kind of person so of course I braved myself to take the risk, thinking about the life-changing experience I could possibly miss out if I don't do it.

On a sunny Thursday just two days before my birthday, Alf took me to a salon near his house. The name is Exelso Salon, located in Rungkut near UBAYA campus. The price was merely IDR 25K (approx. USD 2) for a haircut. I got my hair cut by a typical stylish middle-aged lady, she was nice. Seeing my hair getting chopped bit by bit was a scary experience, especially since I was going for a drastic change. After cutting my hair super short, she took her electric razor to make the undercut style.

Boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Hearing the razor buzzing was EVEN SCARIER. I was totally intimidated by the sound. And when I was it got closer and closer to my hair... I just opened my eyes wide in horror and fear. God. The only thing I was thinking was to make this end as quick as possible. What a scary experience.

And the result?

I love it!
I look different, and fresh, and great!

The first benefit I could feel immediately was the practicality for the hot weather my city is known for. Let's face it; Surabaya is like a hell-hole. It's a constant 32 degrees Celcius and above every day here. Plus it's hella humid. One would think to get their hair up if they were to have a long hair, and I used to do it all the time; I'd get bummed out if I left my hair clip at home because I'd have to be stuck with frizzy, troublesome hair that covered my ears and below area. I'd end up sweating a lot and that wasn't nice; I hate it. And now that I have a hella short hair, there's no need for a hair clip! And it always feels breezy! I just love it.

This is definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. So long, long hair! I'm so over you. Hello, short hair! I'm keeping this hairstyle FOREVER!

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