You, Who Cries to Sleep at Night

8:12 AM

You, whose mind is loud. You let your demons in, for you want to let me out. It's all because you can't stand feeling so empty. Of course, who'd be able to bear an overwhelming amount of emptiness? Even I can't. The voices keep shouting the same words, echoing around the void in your head, but you couldn't care less. All the unchanging noises are better than the quiet, after all.

You, whose body language I speak so eloquently. I can't imagine the day when I'd be forced to chant a monologue of despair with only this mouth of mine. I'd be damned if I could no longer graze you as whole with my five senses. And now I figured, you can't too.

You, whose age is getting shorter and shorter with that burning spirit of yours. You keep longing for the day when you'd be free of anguish, poor you. You burn, like a fuse of a dynamite. Like the flame on the edge, we're getting closer. Death is waiting just right on the corner.

But oh you, whose cry is getting louder and louder. Afraid, you shall not.

For when the time is up, we'd leave everything but regrets. We'd leave nothing but trails of our existence. With every breath we take, we'd leave something that is a speck of awe and wonder coming from our surroundings. Our presence would still linger. And in that moment, we'd be together forever.

Afraid, you shall not.


Please don't be afraid,
I'd only be gone for a while.

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