My Thoughts About Child Marriage

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So yesterday, I couldn't sleep at all because I slept all day long. Hey what do you expect of me on a Sunday night? Instead of sleeping, I tried to get my hands busy with my smartphone, and I accidentally stumbled upon this video that National Geographic has posted on their Facebook page:

National Geographic Live! - Too Young to Wed
Photographer Stephanie Sinclair and writer Cynthia Gorney investigate the world of prearranged child marriage, where girls as young as five are forced to wed.

Now in that video, Stephanie and Cynthia spoke up about their experience going around the world, trying to get a little deeper into the whole child marriage thing. While they were speaking, slideshows of beautiful and powerful photographs were shown in the video.

They also explain about the stories behind those photographs, which more often than not, hurt me so bad on the inside. Cynthia also talked about some historical and cultural facts of the location the photograph was taken.

Stephanie first opened with a heart-wrenching photograph that has just the same heart-wrenching story behind it. She found some injured little girls, prior to set themselves on fire. Almost all of those little girls were, in fact, have already married.

Stephanie then asked, why would you do that? Turned out that the answers were very trivial, one of them said that when she was cleaning her house, she accidentally broke her husband's TV set. Afraid of what consequences would come from her husband and became a fear monger she was, she burned herself.

She also showed a photograph where a little girl was stabbed by her husband over a disagreement. What makes me sick to my stomach is that he wouldn't even have to face any kind of consequences.

Because in that country, men are kings.

Most of the girls above 10 years old have already married. There was even a girl who was still 9 years old and already have four babies. A girl as young as 5 years old is forced to undergo a wedding. If that doesn't tell you something about this practice, well, I can say that you're whacked in the head.

Cynthia told a little more about the reason why these people practice child marriage. It's supposed to be some kind of protection to a woman's honor by being married. That way, she would be free of rape and other sexual assault that might happen to her in the future. Or so that's what they said. Because in their culture, if a woman lost her virginity before marriage she would be an outcast. She would be told to leave the village immediately. Even if she was raped.

Fucking. Disgusting.

My heart hurts watching this video, every second of it. I'm not gonna lie. For me (and I hope for all of you reading this as well), child marriage is an abuse of human's rights. An abuse of children's rights as humans. These poor children had their rights to have a happy childhood taken away.

How would you feel when you're supposed to be playing happily with the sun, being curious about everything, but then those things you're supposed to experience is taken away from you?

Child marriage is also very dangerous for the child's health, both mentally and physically. Mentally, because their mind hasn't fully developed yet. Because their brain hasn't fully developed yet to understand and comprehend the hard and complex concept of marriage.

It was unnatural for humans their age to even think about relationship, about commitment, let alone a marriage.

Physically, because their reproduction organs have yet to be fully developed. Imagine how could such tiny body give birth to a child, when they are children themselves? A lot of cases where fatal bleeding happen when children are forced to undergo such excruciatingly painful process called labor. Their pelvic hasn't fully grown yet, how could such narrow opening endure the process of childbirth?

And with the way such strong patriarchy going on, it's just disgusting. Immoral. Inhuman. It's like women got no worth in those places. Such double standard like outcasting a girl because she was raped instead of outcasting her rapers, it is truly a disgusting thing. 

After seeing this video, my mind just won't stop thinking about it. It haunts me knowing such bigoted practice exists, that it is a common practice among some countries, that people would allow this thing to happen.

I could tell you another millions of reasons why child marriage shouldn't be practiced.

Why would people think that this practice is okay? Children are still delicate, they're untouched, they're pure. It angers me that they're stained by such thing called child marriage.

Now tell me again why we don't need feminism.

Please see the video above, and spread it wide for the world to know.
Photo credits to Stephanie Sinclair

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